Administrative arrangements (includes chairing arrangements, records of meetings etc.)

  1. The Chair shall each year write to the Head of each organisation that is a member or observer seeking the names of representatives of its organisation to the ICT Working Group;
  2. The list of representatives shall be in writing and kept with the Secretariat of the ICT Working Group;
  3. From time to time, the ICT Working Group through the direction of the Chair may invite other agencies and individuals to participate in consultative capacities.
  4. When there are instances where members views conflict, members shall try to reach consensus to resolve matters.
  5. The Chair is responsible for convening meetings.
  6. From time to time, to assist with the efficiency of the ICT Working Group, it may create Sub Working Groups or Taskforce which shall report back to the ICT Working Group.

Read the Data Protocol Information Dissemination Guideline

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