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EVENT - “Talking to the Ancestors” Exhibition

VENUE: Oceania Centre Gallery

DATE: 19th March – 20th April

This multimedia exhibition that featured over 500 photographs spanning five (5) decades of service to the region, presented a rare insight into the communal albums of USP by providing current members of the University including students, staff, alumni, stakeholders and the wider community, a look back and across time. It included original works from the USP collection and featured responses from current staff and students as a means of “talking to the ancestors” on specific issues and events from USP’s past. The one month exhibit provided an opportunity to reflect on the context of USP and the hanging dynamics of the region it serves. The exhibit also celebrated the rich legacy and heritage of the region’s premier tertiary institution through a visual ethnography reviewing the cultural landscape and community evolution at USP. It was officially opened by Dr Giulio Paunga, the University’s Vice-President (Regional Campuses and Estates and Infrastructure).