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EVENT - Our Sea of Islands Seminar Series, 2018

VENUE: Japan-Pacific ICT Theatre

DATE: 7 Mar, 9 May, 7 June, 23 July, 14 August

This Seminar series attempts to capture the line of regional thinking for ourselves, advocated by the late Professor Epeli Hau’ofa in his seminal essay of the same title which was published as part of the USP 25th Anniversary. In that essay, Hau’ofa calls for a rethinking and redefining of Oceania from within. He reminds us of the colonial legacies that confined our narratives both physically and psychologically. He emphatically states that we must take responsibility for our own development. He concludes with the strong statement: “We must not allow anyone to belittle us again and take away our freedom.” This five-part seminar series is an attempt to rethink and reimagine our place here at USP and in Oceania, 25 years on.